Topics of Educational Forums Held Since 2014

We are a group of volunteers who came together through a concern about social justice issues in the Paso del Norte region. We wanted to educate ourselves as well as others. Following is a list of the forums held thus far.

March 29, 2014.  “Social Justice Issues and the U.S. Congress.”  U.S. Representative Beto O’Rourke.

 May 17, 2014.  “The Current State of Ciudad Juárez and Future Prospects.”  Miguel Fernández Iturriza, businessman and civic leader in Ciudad Juárez; founder of El Plan Estratégico de Ciudad Juárez.

 July 26, 2014.  “Health Care for the Underserved in El Paso.”  Salvador Balcorta, CEO, Centro de Salud La Fe; Kristi D. Daugherty, CEO, Emergence Health Network; Connie Crawford, Attorney, UMC.

 September 27, 2014.  “Affordable Housing in El Paso:  A Silent Crisis?”  Gerald Cichon, CEO, El Paso Housing Authority; Carlos Gallinar, Planning Deputy Director, City of El Paso; Veronica Soto, City of El Paso Community Development.

 December 11, 2014.  “Social Justice Issues and the Texas Legislature.”  Texas State Senator José Rodríguez.

 January 24, 2015.  “A Brief History of Texas Equity 1999-2011 (Public Education).”  Eliot Shapleigh, former Texas State Senator.

 March 21, 2015.  “Addressing Food Justice in the US-Mexico Border Region.”  Lois Stanford, Ph.D., NMSU professor.

 June 6, 2015.  “The Need to Elevate Wages in El Paso and Eliminate Wage Theft.”  Lily Limón, City Council District 7 Rep.; Eric Murillo, Community Organizer, Natl. Nurses United.

 September 12, 2015.  “Social Justice Issues Across Borders.”  Mark Luck, Ph.D., UTEP professor.

 October 21, 2015.  “Why Mexico is Poorer than the United States.”  Oscar Martínez, Ph.D., University of Arizona professor.  (Co-sponsored with the UTEP Center for Inter-American and Border Studies.)

 October 24, 2015.  “Educación Sobre Justicia Social en Ciudad Juárez” (Organized by Cd. Juarez Social Justice Committee).  Francisco Llera Pacheco, Ph.D., UACJ professor.

 December 5, 2015.  “The Impact of Maquiladoras in Ciudad Juárez on the Lives of Workers and their Families.”  Elizabeth Flores, attorney and director, Centro de Pastoral Obrera, Ciudad. Juárez.

 January 23, 2016.  “The Worker Resistance: Maquiladora Workers Demand Higher Wages and Better Working Conditions in Ciudad Juárez.”  (Co-sponsored with the El Paso Committee to Support Maquiladora Workers).  Featured speaker:  Susana Prieto Terrazas, labor attorney, Ciudad Juárez.

 February 27, 2016.  “Responding to the Neediest Among Us: The Amazing SPJ Holistic Cross-Border Project.”  Jane Fuller, Siguiendo los Pasos de Jesús; Rev. John Nelsen, University Presbyterian Church.

 April 9, 2016.  “Vote El Paso Vote! Can El Pasoans Counter Statewide Efforts to Depress Voter Turnout?” Carmen Rodríguez, Attorney; José Villalobos, Ph.D. UTEP professor.

 September 24, 2016.  “Fighting for the Rights of People with Disabilities.”  Enrique Chew, Ex D, Volar Center for Independent Living; José Lara, Volar CIL.

 October 22, 2016.  “Farm Workers on the Border: An Invisible and Exploited Labor Force.”  Carlos Marentes, Sin Frontera Organizing Project.

 February 20, 2017.  “Border Relations in the Era of Trump:  A Mexican Perspective.”  Co-sponsored with UTEP Center for Inter-American and Border Studies.  Tony Payan, Director of the Mexico Center, Rice University; Professor Lucinda Vargas; Professor Francisco Llera Pacheco.

 June 4, 2017.  “The Border Wall:  Truths, Alternative Facts, and Wacky Happenings.”  Youtube videos.

 August 6, 2017.  “The Binational Hope Border Institute:  Where It’s Been, Where It’s Going.”  Dylon Corbett, HBI Director and Msgr. Arturo Bañelas.

 October 1, 2017.  “Innovative Approaches to Fighting Poverty in Ciudad Juárez:  The Work of FECHAC.”  Fernando Ávila, Director of FECHAC.

 October 22, 2017.  " Fighting to Save Barrio  Duranguito, El Paso's First Neighborhood: A Community Perspective." Dr. Yolanda Chavez Leyva, borderlands historian, Director of UTEP's Institute of Oral History;  Dr. Selfa Chew, borderlands historian, author of Uprooting Community: Japanese Mexicans, World War II, and the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands; Cynthia T. Renteria, doctoral student in the Department of History at UTEP; Antonia Morales, Longtime resident of Duranguito

 December 3, 2017.  “Our Broken Criminal Justice System and the Urgency to Fix It.”  Bruce Ponder, retired attorney and activist, and Beatríz Vera, social worker and activist.

 February 4, 2018.  “Fighting for the Rights of Immigrants:  At-Risk DACA Dreamers, Refugees, and Families.”  Fernando García, Executive Director, Border Network for Human Rights; Carlos Spector, Immigration and Asylum Attorney, and a DACA Dreamer.

 March 25, 2018.  “Law Enforcement in El Paso:  The Use of Lethal Force by the Police.”  Enrique Moreno, Civil Rights Lawyer and Community Leader.

 April 29, 2018.  “Mexico's Crucial July 1 Presidential Election:  Who Might Win and What Will It Mean for the United States, NAFTA, and the Border?”  Tony Payan, Director, Mexico Center, Baker Institute, Rice University.

 June 24, 2018.  “Environmental Justice: Growing Disparities in the Distribution of Environmental Burdens and Benefit.”  Dr. Jayajit Chakraborty, Professor of Geography in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology, and Director of the Socio-Environmental & Geospatial Analysis (SEGA) Lab at UTEP; Kevin Bixby, founder and director of the Southwest Environmental Center, Las Cruces, NM.

December 23, 2018.  “The Future of UTEP:  A Community Perspective.”  Carmen Rodríguez, attorney; Homero Galicia, part-time UTEP Professor and small business owner; and Richard Adauto III, Executive Vice President at UTEP.

December 4, 2018.  “Mexico”s Future under the López Obrador Presidency:  Violence, Migration, and the Mexico-U.S. Relationship.  Dr. Manuel Miranda, President of the El Paso Committee of Mexicans Abroad Who Support MORENA (López Obrador’s party), and Molly Molloy, professor, librarian, and author at New Mexico State University.