Upcoming Forum: Follow the Money: Campaign Finance in El Paso

city hall.jpg

Sunday, September 15th, 2:30-4 pm

El Paso Public Library downtown, 501 N. Oregon

Free parking on Sunday—best to seek parking away from the ball park

Who funds campaigns in El Paso? And what are the possible benefits of big-donor contributions in decision-making on the El Paso City Council? Are there long-term debt consequences for property-taxpayers in El Paso, a city with almost stagnant population growth and excessive use of residential, not business property tax burdens? Two panelists affiliated with the Community First Coalition--Kathy Staudt and Rosemary Neill--provide some answers to these questions and seek fruitful dialogue with the audience. They provide evidence from publicly available municipal campaign contribution websites and state websites with figures on long-term per-person city debt compared to other comparably-sized cities in Texas, suggesting ominous trends for our city. Come hear about the top-twenty big donors to the mayor and the extent to which city council representatives are dependent on big donors for funding their campaigns. Other cities have solutions for 'pay-to-play' politics: Why not El Paso?