Next forum: Gerrymandering and Social Justice: Toward Fair Redistricting

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Strangely shaped electoral district maps, with boundaries that advantage the party in power and their incumbents, undermine our right to equal representation, overall democracy, and prospects for social justice-orientated representatives to win elections and work for policy reform. Just think about the El Paso district that spans all the way to San Antonio.

Panelists include:

*Jesús Valdez, League of Women Voters Outreach Committee Chair
*Connie Crawford, League of Women Voters
*Eric Willard, Attorney at Law
*Paulina Lopez, Partnership Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau (Dallas-Denver region, including El Paso)

The panelists will speak about state and local redistricting prospects. They will be asked to respond briefly to the following questions: What is the problem? What is to be done? What can WE do?

El Paso Public Library downtown, 501 N. Oregon

2:30-4:00 on Sunday February 24

Remember that best bet to find free parking is to park somewhere north

and east of the library and away from the ballpark.