Next forum: Communists, FBI Tricksters, and El Paso Justice: The Infamous Case of Clinton Jencks

Sunday, October 27th, 2:30-4 pm

El Paso Public Library, 501 N. Oregon (parking is free on Sundays, look away from the ballpark)

Speaker: Raymond Caballero, former El Paso mayor and noted attorney and historian

This presentation is based on Raymond Caballero's new book, McCarthyism vs. Clinton Jencks (University of Oklahoma Press, 2019). Caballero will focus on the most important legal case in El Paso and New Mexico history, with an emphasis on how Jencks, a fighter for Mexican American civil rights and a union organizer, was denied his constitutional rights by the Department of Justice and the FBI who knew all along that Jencks was innocent. Only a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision saved Jencks from prison.

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