Forum: "The Future of UTEP"

Photo thanks to UTEP

Photo thanks to UTEP

With the impending retirement of Dr Diana Natalicio, a search is now underway for the new UTEP president.  Obviously this is a matter of great interest to the community.  Our unique border location and bilingual/bicultural setting requires a highly qualified and experienced educator who understands well the needs of a UTEP student body that is nearly 80 percent Mexican American and also includes over 1,000 students from Mexico.  Beyond the campus, that person must also be well equipped to interface with the broader social, economic, and educational challenges of our binational metropolis.  Will the search produce such an educator?  Will UTEP continue to be a people’s university?  These and other questions will be addressed in this forum.


Carment Rodriguez, attorney, former director of the Texas Legal Aid in El Paso, UTEP graduate and long-time community leader.

Homero Galicia, small business owner, part time UTEP professor, and long-time community leader.

Richard Adauto III, Executive Vice President, UTEP


Sunday, September 23, 2:30-4 pm

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