Next Forum: Our Broken Immigration System. When Will It Be Fixed?

Photo thanks to Luis Hernández, Photojournalist

Photo thanks to Luis Hernández, Photojournalist

Sunday, August 26, 2018, 2:30 pm - 4 pm

El Paso Public Library downtown, 501 N. Oregon, El Paso 79901

Free street parking on Sundays: Best bet is to park somewhere east of the library and away from the ballpark.


Dr. Josiah Heyman, Director of the Center for Inter-American and Border Studies at UTEP and past president of the Border Network for Human Rights.  A distinguished scholar, he has written extensively about the border and immigration issues.

Dr. Mark Lusk, Professor of Social Work at UTEP and past holder of various administrative posts at UTEP and other universities in the United States.  He is well known for his publications in international migration and his staunch advocacy for the rights of immigrants.

A third speaker TBA.