Separation of children continues to be huge issue for all health and mental health professionals

The American Academy of Pediatrics wrote the Homeland Security Secretary a letter in March on the  Separation of Migrant Children from their Parent(s). The president of the American Academy of Pediatrics recently spoke on camera on the issue with CNN.  Here is that conversation:

The mentioned letter succinctly make the key points in opposition to a cruel and brutal policy that is still affecting children weeks after its rollback. Many children have yet to be reunited and some have been separated from parents who have been deported.  The policy was field tested by DHS in the El Paso region, the current home to the Tornillo Tent City of Child Refugees. To read AAP statement opposing the separation of immigrant children and parents, click here.

All of the major professional associations have made statements opposing the policy and its toxic effects on children, including the AMA, NASW and APA.