For Desert Dwellers, a Life in Balance

U of Az urban desert-01.jpg

From the University of Arizona:

Can a place where water is hard to come by and heat is hard to escape sustain a growing population?
Some say it can't, insisting that cities have no place in the desert. Given carefully considered and collaboratively conceived water management, urban planning and architecture, University of Arizona experts Sharon MegdalLadd Keith and Christopher Domin say otherwise.
Unlike the future of desert dwelling, the challenges of it are uncomplicated and uncontroversial. They are, chiefly, water scarcity and heat.
Humans aren't intrinsically well-prepared to handle either one, and yet civilizations have made homes of inhospitable deserts for centuries. In southern Arizona, long before celebrated architect Judith Chafee built her famed 1975 Ramada House and taught at the UA, the Hohokam inhabited the landscape, drawing from the Salt and Gila rivers to sustain themselves.  Continue reading