In Mexico, Candidates Move Away From Cambridge Analytica

From "All Things Considered" on NPR:  

Candidates in Mexico's volatile presidential race are scrambling to distance themselves from the disgraced big-data firm Cambridge Analytica.
Executives of the company boasted on tape, secretly recorded by a British TV station, of their ability to influence elections in numerous countries including Mexico. Cambridge Analytica — which is being scrutinized for its ties to Facebook and the Trump campaign in the U.S. — had set up shop in Mexico, even partnering with a local data mining app.
But once that secret tape emerged, the major presidential candidates were quick to declare their campaigns hadn't hired or received data from the company.
Presidential candidate and current front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, of the leftist Morena Party, told reporters Wednesday that he warned Mexicans about Cambridge Analytica working in the country months ago. "Now that it's a worldwide scandal," he said, "people are finally paying attention."  Click to read more or hear the broadcast