Border wall threatens wildlife of the region

Photo thanks to The Week Magazine

Photo thanks to The Week Magazine

From the El Paso Times:  

... "The wall won’t stop determined people from crossing the border, but it will prevent wild creatures from moving across the landscape to find water, food, mates and all the other essentials they and their kind need to survive.

Perhaps surprisingly, the border region is one of the most biologically rich areas of our country, a place with a great diversity of natural habitats, where temperate and tropical species mix. Mexican wolves, jaguars, black bears, mule deer, pronghorn, javelin, ocelots and even low-flying birds like pygmy owls are just some of the hundreds of borderland species for which the wall will be a barrier.

Wild animals don’t read maps. We share space with them on this planet, but they live in their own universes, mostly unnoticed by us, with their own realities. For wild creatures, the border wall is an existential threat. In the culture wars that produced the wall as political symbol, wildlife are collateral damage. Animals will die in the fulfillment of Trump’s campaign promise, and Congress needs to understand this before capitulating to this blackmail."  Continue reading