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Photo thanks to Reuters. Article by David Usborne

Photo thanks to Reuters. Article by David Usborne

I visited El Paso this week and learned a lot about Donald Trump's border wall. 

Locals put low crime down to excellent policing and growing prosperity, as well as flourishing relations between the civic leaderships of the adjoining cities

My day done, it’s time to seek vittles in Anson 11, a swanky restaurant in the Anson Mills building in downtown El Paso, only the second concrete-framed skyscraper in all the United States when it was built in 1911. Prosperous then, the city has had its ups and downs for sure, but tonight all is buzzing. Filled with diners, the restaurant has just one seat left, a stool at the bar. I take it.

So much for the wild west frontier town we are told to expect. I am but a short walk from the border with Mexico and the much larger city, in population terms, of Ciudad Juarez, yet no one here, even after dark, is afraid for their security. No bandits lurk in the alleyways. Read More