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We love El Paso for its affordability, safety, culture, and overall pace of life

Photo of Hubble Hausman thanks to El Paso Times

Hubble Hausman reiterates something that many of us El Pasoans know and need to emphasize often in an opinion piece in the El Paso Times.  "In a short time, we have come to appreciate all that El Paso has to offer.

My kids love their school and have a great group of friends and teachers. My wife and I have found wonderful communities through our children’s school and our church. And we enjoy the fact that El Paso strikes the perfect balance between the amenities of a major city and the pace of life of a smaller community.

We’ve been impressed by the entertainment options, arts offerings, outdoor recreation, and vibrant culture of El Paso – not to mention the opportunities to explore Juárez and southern New Mexico.

But what we like most about El Paso are its people. We’ve found El Pasoans to be kind and welcoming, dedicated to their community, and passionate about helping it continue to improve."  Read More