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Join Us--The Border Wall: Truths, Fake News, and Wacky Happenings

Photo by Oscar J Martínez

NEW DAY, TIME, AND SITE OF FORUM:  Sunday, June 4 at the El Paso Public Library downtown, Maud Sullivan Room, 501 N Oregon.  2:30-4:30 pm.  Free parking downtown on Sundays!

This forum will feature short videos about the proposed border wall, along with commentary from members of the EPSJ team and the audience.  Learn more about important issues pertaining to the wall, hear viewpoints of former Mexican President Vicente Fox, comedian Conan O'Brian, and ordinary Mexicans.  See acrobatic young men scale existing border walls in record time and others go through, over, under, and around barriers.  In short, learn new things, participate in a dialogue about the wall, and enjoy some laughs.