City continues to mislead on Duranguito: José Rodríguez op-ed in EP Times

I am not opposed to building a sports arena or a multipurpose performing arts and entertainment center in the Downtown vicinity. I do object to building such a facility if it requires destroying El Paso's first neighborhood.
However, the larger, more concerning issue is the process and manner in which the city has acted. The pattern is clear: devising ambiguous language for the bond ordinance; razing City Hall without seeking public input; developing a Downtown plan without meaningful public input; and allowing the surreptitious bulldozing of historic buildings in Duranguito. 
It is important that the public understand that a Travis County district court — after careful review of the bond ordinance language and the city's evidence — found a sports arena was not what the voters approved to be built in the 2012 election. The city continues to obscure this part of the court's finding.
It is irresponsible for the city to continue to claim that El Pasoans approved a Downtown sports arena. We voted for a quality of life bond that included library improvements, a children’s museum, a Hispanic Cultural Center, and a multipurpose performing arts and entertainment facility.  Read More