** 2017 Note for Website:  With the assumption of power by the Trump administration, threats to social justice issues have escalated significantly The border is one of his target areas, and border people need to stay well informed and respond appropriately. EPSJ will regularly post articles and other materials on both our Facebook and website pages to increase awareness of policies that will impact our area.

The El Paso Social Justice Education Project is an initiative of educators and community leaders who are dedicated to raising awareness among the citizenry about pressing issues such as wealth inequality, poverty, human rights, civil rights, voter rights, health care, economic opportunity, labor conditions, race relations, ethnic diversity, educational opportunity, immigration, drug policies, border relations, etc. 

Periodic public forums featuring political leaders, scholars, journalists, leaders, and other well-informed individuals are held in different venues in the community. The task of the speakers is to share reliable social justice-related information, concepts, ideas, and general concerns with the citizenry. As the project goes forward, we plan on developing educational materials for use in the schools and in the community.

The binational organizing committee includes Oscar Martinez, Virginia Martinez, Kathy Staudt, Jacquelyn Wehmeyer, Francisco Llera, Angeles López Nórez, Mark Lusk, and Beatriz Vera.